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Motorized Retractable Screens

Cable Guide System

Introducing the newest addition to our family of motorized screens...

Phantom’s self-tensioning cable system.

Why cables over tracks?

If you have a structure with open corners, glass wall or a large opening with decorative columns, the new cable guide system is the ideal solution to provide exterior solar shade with no track system needed!

Make your life easier

The self-tensioning cables automatically adjust the screen tension in changing weather keeping it perfectly fit at all times. This also grants you peace of mind knowing that your need of service calls is reduced.

Match Your Style

Choose between a low profile wall mount and a floor mount to best fit your needs.


Fits openings as wide as 25 feet and 11 feet tall or as tall as 20 feet and 9 feet wide, with a wide variety of sizing configurations.

You're in control

Control your screens at the touch of a button with wall mounted or handheld remote, or with a smartphone app. Smart control options are also available such as sun sensors, wind speed monitors and home automation integration.